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Interesting, nice post, Michael!

This is a framework or spectra I increasingly think about in the personalization to powerful learning experience paradigm --> there are two ends of a spectrum of learning where there are

what I'll call (which of course are not binary, but useful when placed on polar opposite ends of a framework)

(1) convergent knowledge and skills: skills, knowledge and skills that are well (relatively well) understood and scaffold on top of each other (math, reading, computer science even if the languages, abstraction levels, and ecosystem of tools around how software is developed and deployed continue to change)

- of course, some can only be gained through experience in the right context, and places like Reforge trying to unlock this

- I think like your example with getting ChatGPT to break down a 2 week learning sprint for CRISPR and time to [x] with some of your examples fits here

(2) open-ended, divergent problem solving and skills:

- motivation is a key component; then how to help people navigate the messiness of creation, creativity

- TKS tries to quickly allow people to get up the learning curve to become credible in the above, AND also empower them to explore in this open-ended space of what do they want to create from the knowledge, networks and opportunities they've gained, been exposed to and had to build

- I've been sharing this piece a lot in terms of how I think about a differentiated way to think about AI's potential role in how it can assist in more open-ended learning:



- What ties TKS, the author's post above, and places like buildspace, Gary Chou and Christina Xu's old post-industrial design school, NuVu and other excellent passion and project-based pedagogy is the core premise that everyone has a passion project in them to be unlocked, and that building the skills to navigate ambiguity and creativity is something that takes a mix of rigor, constructivist, reflective learning

(3) where it gets fun is skills that really mix both, entrepreneurship, project management, product management, research & development, innovation :)

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